December 4, 2023
15 tips for better lesbian sex

15 tips for better lesbian sex

That’s the question that a lot of people ask. Well, I’m here to tell you how they get down! Lesbians are some of the horniest women around and they’re not afraid to show it off either (which is why being gay makes you more attractive). As with everything else in life though, it all comes down to knowing what you want out of your sexual experience. If you don’t know where to start or if you’ve never had an orgasm before then read on because this article will make sure that you come away satisfied from your first lesbian encounter.

Let me be clear about one thing right now – there are no rules when it comes to having sex with another woman. There are however certain things which should help you achieve the best results possible for yourself and her…

  1. Make sure she knows exactly what you like/dislike beforehand. You may think that going into it blind would be better but trust me ladies, trying to take advantage of someone who has absolutely no idea what you really like can only end up in disaster. It’s far easier to approach them with something simple such as “I’d love to give you oral” than it is to try and surprise them by doing something completely different.
  2. Be honest with her. This means telling her how wet you wish you were during penetrative intercourse. Most women won’t mind hearing that their vagina tastes nice so long as you leave any fantasies unsaid. Also, don’t forget to mention that you enjoy giving oral sex too. She’ll most likely be very happy with that information alone.
  3. Arouse both of you together. One way to do this is to use toys during masturbation. Another method is to talk dirty while you two masturbate together. Don’t worry guys, we girls aren’t offended at all when you say these kinds of words to us during private moments like this. The key word here is ‘together’. Don’t just send her over the edge without arousing yourself too. Doing so could result in her getting frustrated rather quickly. Instead of sending her over the edge, focus on helping her reach hers and keep talking dirty until she climaxes.
  4. Let her touch you. This doesn’t mean that you need to let every girl touch you whenever they feel like it. What it does mean, is that once she starts touching you, allow her to continue even after you’ve finished coming. Letting her continue touching you once you’re done allows for the greatest amount of clitoral stimulation. Just remember that if you’re still aroused, you shouldn’t let her stop unless you’re ready for intercourse again.
  5. Keep track of your progress. After each session, take note of how much time passed between orgasms. Compare those numbers against how often you’ve been intimate since you met her. When you find patterns emerging, it helps to know whether or not you enjoyed the act enough to repeat it.
  6. Try new positions. Remember that this is supposed to be fun for everyone involved. Some positions simply work better for certain types of women whereas others work well for other women. For example, missionary position works great for men but for many women it just isn’t stimulating enough. Experimentation is important as you discover what feels good for you. If you lack ideas see lesbian sex video chat for inspiration.
  7. Take care of her breasts. They are incredibly sensitive and can become sore easily. Use lube sparingly so that you don’t cause pain or discomfort instead of pleasure. Lube also prevents moisture build-up inside her body which causes irritation and infections.
  8. Consider foreplay. Foreplay is essentially a form of mental and physical preparation leading up to actual penetration. During foreplay, you can kiss her passionately, caress her hands, stroke her hair and generally stimulate her erogenous zones through manual contact. Once intercourse begins, you can switch back and forth between kissing and intercourse itself.
  9. Talk dirty. Using language such as “suck my nipples”, “eat my pussy”, etc., keeps communication open throughout the entire process. Women tend to lose interest if their partners constantly interrupt them to ask questions. Talking dirty lets her express herself freely without worrying about annoying you.
  10. Relax and be patient. The clitoris takes longer to reach arousal compared to the penis. So be prepared to wait. Don’t rush her as this might lead to frustration. However, once you see that she’s starting to get turned on, don’t hold back. Allow her to finish naturally before moving onto intercourse.
  11. Ask her if she wants to watch porn or play strip poker. Watching pornography can boost a man’s performance immensely and it definitely increases his chances of achieving multiple erections. Strip poker is similar except it involves less nudity and usually ends with intercourse. Both activities provide excellent opportunities for female viewers to learn tips and tricks on how to maximize their own enjoyment.
  12. Watch for signs of excitement. Pay attention to her breathing, facial expressions, posture and overall demeanor. These are all indicators of arousal. In fact, the best indicator of arousal is actually watching her face turn redder and flushing deeper.
  13. Give her lots of compliments. Tell her how beautiful she looks, how sexy her outfit is, how amazing her breasts look and anything else that turns her head towards you. Compliments always go a long way.
  14. Look for patterns within her responses. Are her reactions positive to particular acts or is it pretty random? Is she able to climax consistently or does it vary according to mood? Do certain locations bring her closer to climax faster? All of these factors contribute to creating a perfect environment for an enjoyable sexual experience.
  15. Last but certainly not least, practice safe sex. Never share needles or condoms. Always wear protection. And please, don’t drink alcohol prior to intimacy.